About reVer

Jeopardy. It’s the sound that floats in the back of your mind in a moment of freedom. It’s the melody that fits your favorite photograph. It’s the honey and the orange. It’s the blue and the joy. The deep. The light.

About reVer: Emanuel Rudas and Henri Joel met in Vienna (Austria) and worked there as musicians, together as well as separately. In 2013, Emanuel invited Henri to sing a couple of songs as a guest in his latest project « Chronic City ». The single « Key Biscayne » came out and was a huge, critically acclaimed success. When Emanuel moved to Paris, they started to compose, arrange and produce music together in Henri’s studio in Versailles under the name „reVer“. The first single « Jeopardy » is a unique combination of smooth acoustic and electronic sounds, of rousing beats and a sugar coloured voice. It’s two musicians from two different countries meeting in Versailles (Ver) to make music together. It’s dreamy (reV) mid-70s pop traveling thru time and landing in the beautiful suburbs of Paris.